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HSH History 101
The Hickam Skate Hangar was designated for skateboarding during the mid eighties by the base.  Soon thereafter, portable ramps were brought in my the local skaters... quite a few came and went... not too long later, Hickam Youth Programs organized the park with a few donations of ramps;  after a Powell Skate Demo at the Pearl Harbors Richardson Field a vert ramp soon appeared, as well as some street course items donated after a contest held by Town & Country.  In the late eighties, some material was bought to build a mini ramp which later turned into a mini-ramp/spine.  The vert got a facelift in width after a rollerblade demo at Aloha Tower during the mid nineties.... In 1999 the street course received a renovation/ expansion, the mini spine was torn down and the keyhole bowl (DK Bowl) was built... soon thereafter the old vert-ramp was torn down and updated to 10ft transitions/12ft tall courtesy of the "All Girl Skate Jam" which was a Pro Event on the North Shore of Oahu.  In 2002, the 4ft mini was destroyed as well as the old shack to make room for the mini-bowl.  With almost the demise of the park by the end of 2005 due to financial & space availability, decisions were made to consign out the park to a concessionaire in the hopes to uplift the park once again... In late 2006, the street course was re-vamped, bowls spruced up and plans on a new vert-ramp... the park re-opened it's doors in Dec 2006 under BDK Skate as the concessionaire for Hickam Youth Programs and we hope the rest will go down in the history books of skating.                                                                                          
                                                                                                                 Thanks, BDK

Hours of Operation: Tuesday-Thursday  3-8pm, Friday 3-10pm, Saturday 2-10pm, Sunday 12-5pm
Memberships: $35 Annually, includes HSH T-Shirt and ID Card;  provides a reduced daily entry fee of $5 (all day) also receive 10% retail in Pro Shop
Non-members: $8 Entry fee (all day)
Monthly Sk8 Passes $55/mo    Members only;  provides a significant savings... come skate 3 times a week and you've already saved!  Inq. about semi & annual  
Pad Rentals: $2ea or $5 for everything (helmet, elbow, knee and use of locker)
Skateboard Rentals: $5 all day rate - 7.5, 7.8, 8.0 and old school shapes available
Hangar Rentals: $75/hr     Ideal for birthday parties, no limit on guests... coordinate gate passes through PASS and ID on HAFB
Skate Camp & Care: Sk8 Camps are scheduled during fall, winter, spring & summer school breaks and are a week in duration (5 days);  Sk8 Care are small group lessons held once a week, for a 6wk period.  For more information email us for the next avail Sk8 Camp or Sk8 Care or visit
Skateboard Lessons: $30/hr during open hours;  $20/pp group rate - provided by the HSH Staff or Resident Pro

HSH is skateboard, BMX (tuesdays & thursdays), inline, rollerskate, scooter, snakeboard, & waveboard friendly.
 The park is open to all active duty, retired, reserve, national guard, DOD, NAF and their dependents / sponsored guests (civilians).
Please remember, HSH is located on Hickam AFB which requires a military ID, sponsor, or coordination with HSH for base access

900 HANGAR AVE.  Bldg  2065

(808) 448-4422

The age limit is 6yrs old, certain circumstances can be accommodated.  Children from 6-9yrs old must be accompanied by a parent.
10yrs old and up may skate the hangar unsupervised; all skaters are required to sign in at the " Skate Shack" prior to entry.
Concessions are available at the from vending machines; Sodas, Gatorade, Water & Snacks.... The Skate Shack offers
a full line of professional skateboards and accessories;            old school - new school

A current liability waiver is required to be signed by skater and/or parent/guardian of minor for those who want to skate - Helmet is mandatory - pad recommended

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